The strategy of actions in new market can be chosen in different options, but a lot of pitfalls require knowledge of local characteristics of the selected territory.
A huge support to avoid possible mistakes can be provided by professionals.

Ricardo Spilman, the President of Facil Investments LTD. – more than 40 years of successful work in MLM.
Director position in such famous MLM-companies like Swiss Narin, Just, Youngevity Int.

  • Events for more than 1000 people.
  • Experience of opening the company from beginning.
  • Experience in forming successful staff team.
  • More than 15 years of living directly in Russia, knowing tax legislation, low specifications, Russian mentality.
  • Understanding nuances of regional work and work inside CIS (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan)

Facil Investments LTD has established in the market as a reliable and responsible partner.
We treat your business with care, exactly as if it belonged to us.
Working in Russia with different business for more than 15 years, we can say with confidence that we know everything about Russia: from A and to Z.

We know how to organize an important visit or negotiations for you, whether it's just rent a conference room, arrange simultaneous translation, meetings, accommodation for your guests and excursion program, as well as visa and work permits, legalization and preparatory work for starting a business from zero.

We can consult you about your competitors and product positioning in the Russian market, inform what pricing will help you conduct your business effectively, as well as close all issues related to accounting, lawyers and search for the staff.

Do you want to open a business in Russia, but it's so scary to start?

We will provide you the services of your virtual presence, taking all the questions on our side until you will decide to take your business in your hands.

We also have extensive experience in direct sales business: we will advise you on the preparation of a compensation plan, legalization of payments to your distributors, we will help to develop a strategy for the regions development and marketing strategy to build an extensive network of your customers.

We are an honest, open and ethical company operating strictly according to the law and the principles of business ethics and honor.

We will be glad to start your business with you!